My name is Peter Blinn and I have practiced Chapter 7 Bankruptcy law for over 30 years. My staff and I are very experienced and knowledgeable in Chapter 7 Bankruptcies because this is all we do. All our focus and research goes into keeping current in this area of law.

If your day is filled with harassing calls from threatening creditors, it would be our pleasure to start accepting these calls and help you try to eliminate your debts, re-establish a good credit rating, and aim for a more disposable income.

Your first consultation is FREE and can be done in my office or over the phone. There is no commitment or obligation; sometimes the goal is to just go over options. In fact, we would prefer that you take your time and think about whether bankruptcy is really something that you are wanting and needing to do.

I care – I listen to your fears and your goals, and I promise that my staff and I will treat you with dignity and respect.